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NEW!! How to Become a Born Leader (Advanced management training for current and future leaders.)

(45 to 180 minutes)

Climb the “Leadership Pyramid” through 6 distinct stages!
Billy Riggs PMA

Bosses are a dime a dozen; leaders are priceless. Employees obey bosses only because they fear they will be rendered more miserable if they disobey than if they obey. Morale suffers, key people depart and productivity sags. But a genuine leader inspires team members to want to do their work. Employees follow true leaders out of respect and admiration. They work out of a sense of shared ownership of goals and passion for the fulfillment of a noble mission. Learn the keys to climbing the “Leadership Pyramid” through six distinct stages (while laughing through an entertaining and fun program) and begin the rewarding journey from mere boss to leader.

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The Power of a P.M.A.(Positively Magical Attitude)! (A fun morale boost for all audiences)

(45 to 90 minutes)

Reshaping your company by the power of a positive mental attitude.
Achieve the Impossible

The single most important factor in success is attitude. A positive attitude directly impacts the bottom line because it improves performance, reduces turnover, and decreases absenteeism. Best of all, a fabulous attitude is contagious. Help your staff embrace change with a smile, adjust to hardship with optimism, and strive to be their best each and every day by experiencing the “Magic of Attitude”! This unique and energetic combination of entertainment, comedy, and enlightenment allows world-class illusionist Billy Riggs to demonstrate how attitude and performance are inextricably linked, and motivates your staff to turn their new attitude into profitable action.

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How to Achieve the Impossible (Fun, Inspiring, Useful Leadership Training)

(60 to 180 minutes)

Demolishing the misguided attitudes that prevent managers from producing spectacular results!
Achieve the Impossible

Extraordinary success is the result of extraordinary leadership. In this powerful presentation, magician Billy Riggs impresses leaders and managers with the core beliefs held by all remarkably successful leaders, and shatters the illusions that limit growth. This presentation is perfect for leadership or board training and is entertaining, motivational and highly practical. Learn how your organization can achieve the impossible from a master of the impossible!

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A short video clip on the power of the mind to accomplish the “impossible:”

A short video clip on how leaders can draw out the best in every employee:

Positively Magical Service (For Service Managers OR  Frontline Service Providers) Practical, fun and immediately usable!

(60 to 180 minutes)

Exploding the Myths that Prevent Superior Service!

Today’s market is more highly competitive than ever before. But successful businesses know that the most effective and least expensive way to distinguish their company from the competition is to provide mind-boggling customer service. In a dazzling combination of magic and education, world-class magician Billy Riggs exposes the five grand illusions that prevent you and your staff from serving your customers in a way that keeps them coming back again and again, and reveals the secrets of rendering Positively Magical Service. You may choose a program to train frontline service providers, OR a program to train managers to inspire their frontliners to provide stellar service

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A short clip on the Grandest Illusion plaguing Customer Service

A short clip on Service that goes the extra mile

A short clip on Service Recovery

A short clip on how internal customer service is the key to external service

Positively Magical Selling (Sales training that’s hilarious, practical and unique!)

(60 to 120 minutes)

Demolishing the psychological barriers that reduce sales, and unleashing the attitudes that makes them soar!
Positively Magical Selling

Effective selling is the result of accurate beliefs – beliefs about the marketplace, the client, and yourself. Consequently, your greatest obstacles to stratospheric sales success are your illusions, faulty beliefs that lurk in the subconscious mind to lower self-confidence, undermine motivation, and reduce closing ratios. In this fascinating combination of classic magic, humor, and education, world-class illusionist Billy Riggs helps eliminate these psychological glass ceilings, propelling your sales force to higher sales and greater satisfaction.

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A short clip explaining Grand Illusion #3 of Sales (out of 5)

A short clip explaining how franchising is the closest thing to magic in business

Presto Chango! The Magic of Change (For audiences facing change and needing an attitude adjustment!)

(45 to 90 minutes)


The lone constant in life is change. Improving technologies, increasingly-savvy customers and an evolving marketplace force companies and their employees into an uncomfortable choice: constant reinvention or guaranteed obsolescence. Book this program and watch morale transform, productivity rise and enthusiasm return. Discover the “Grand Illusions” (hidden misconceptions) that make change so difficult and learn to embrace it as a welcome friend, all rolled up into an unforgettable synthesis of enchantment, empowerment and entertainment.

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A short excerpt from the program “Presto Chango!”

Grand Illusions (For all audiences) Inspiring, moving and eye-opening!

(60 to 90 minutes)


False perceptions of reality, most of them buried in the subconscious mind, constitute life’s single greatest obstacle to achievement. Instilled in us by childhood experiences, these faulty assumptions reach from the past to paralyze potential. Now, in an unforgettable blend of magic and inspiration, life’s three Grand Illusions are exposed to the light of reality. This spellbinding combination of classic magic, humor, and education vanishes a lifetime of confusion!

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Billy Riggs explains the Grandest Illusion of life… and how to overcome it!

Billy Riggs explains what a “DIS-illusionist” is.

The Magic of Balance! (For all audiences) One of the most life-changing keynotes you’ll ever hear.

(45 to 75 minutes)

Keeping Life in Balance Can Be a Real Trick!

The inherent danger of passion-induced work is its appetite for consuming all of life. Whether motivated by obsession or necessity, the driven worker is in jeopardy of losing family, integrity, health, and happiness. By internalizing the four core values of character, intimacy, achievement, and reliance, you will harness the power of an integrated life and move beyond survival to success and balance. You will discover how to “Drive Yourself Without Driving Yourself (or those around you) Crazy.”

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Billy Riggs describes one of the five keys to a happy and balanced life: a sense of achievement.

billyikon5The Magic of Serving (For caregivers, public servants and philanthropic nonprofits)

(45 to 90 minutes)

For all who serve others out of the limelight.


Safety ProgramNEW! Safety: The Reality and Illusions (For safety meetings)

(45 to 90 minutes)

Save yourselves from another boring Safety Meeting!

Pure Entertainment Program (Squeaky Clean! For all audiences)

(30 to 75 minutes)


For those who just want fun and entertainment, master magician and comedian Billy Riggs will knock their socks off and leave them with goose bumps!

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Watch Comedy Magician Billy Riggs entertaining audiences from 20 to 20,000!

Billy Riggs blows a thousand people’s minds with a simple Coke can!

See why audience’s laugh until they cry when Billy Riggs does magic!

The Magic of Multilevel Marketing (For Network Marketing companies when you need a fun, practical keynote to inspire the troops anew.)

(45 to 90 minutes)


Dazzle, encourage and inspire your network marketing organization with this entertaining and fun blend of comedy, magic and training. Billy Riggs has significant and successful MLM experience and will rejuvenate your people as never before! Dozens of MLM from Amway (5000 people) to Shaklee, huge audiences to small, have rated Billy Riggs as the best speaker they’ve ever had at their convention!

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Watch master illusionist Billy Riggs explain why MLM works.

Breakout Seminar Topics


Click HERE to explore the breakout seminars Billy Riggs can do for your group before or after his keynote!

Breakout Seminars by Billy Riggs

How to Read Your Client’s Mind (Advanced Sales Training)

(90 minutes to 6 hours)

Revolutionary training for the sales professional who’s heard it all!

Negotiating and selling would be easy… if you could read minds! Potential clients frequently conceal ulterior motives, hidden agendas and secret fears that unnecessarily complicate the sales process. When salespeople cannot quickly discern a customer’s specific needs and wants, valuable time is wasted and sales are lost. Watch world-class illusionist Billy Riggs perform astounding feats of “mind-reading” on audience members and then listen as he reveals the closely-guarded secrets of leading psychics and mediums, enabling you to know what your customers (or kids, or employees!) are really thinking and why they do what they do. Predict and influence the future by learning the tricks of the psychics’ trade!

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Watch master illusionist explain how great salespeople are like “psychics.”

The Magic of Influence! (For caregivers and philanthropic nonprofits)

(45 to 90 minutes)

You Don’t Need a Title to Be a Leader.

Influence is pure magic. Its mystical power invisibly instills hope, encouragement and healing from giver to recipient. It is a style of leadership that requires no title, authority or position, but wields a power more far-reaching. For audiences of healthcare workers or those who toil (whether for pay or as volunteers) in people-helping professions, this program reinvigorates the soul and reignites a passion to make a difference. Tears of laughter overlap tears of recognition throughout this touching blend of magic and message. Recharge your batteries and re-focus your energies as magician Billy Riggs reminds audiences of the positive difference they make every day – and shows them how to accomplish even more. The video below was delivered to teachers, but the message resonates deeply with all who care for people.

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Billy Riggs inspires teachers, health care workers, child care providers and others in people professions by reminding them what a huge difference they make in the lives of others.