Billy uses his magical illusions as a vehicle to expose psychological myths that lurk in the subconscious mind, reducing success, hindering productivity and robbing people of the power to reach their full potential. Watch and listen to Billy explain what a DIS-illusionist is by clicking HERE.

This is where Billy’s programs really stand out. From the very beginning, Billy grabs the audience’s attention by using illusions to graphically illustrate his message. The content and entertainment are woven alternately and seamlessly throughout the entire program. Weaving the great content with the illusions causes people to vividly remember the message long after Billy is gone!

Billy lives in Austin, Texas, but travels across the U.S. and around the world to dazzle audiences. No place too remote!

All three programs offer the exact same choice of customized messages and flexibiilty in length of performance. The difference between the programs is in the scale of illusions used.

The Platinum presentation includes large-scale illusions for sawing people in half, floating people in the air, etc. These are shipped air freight (at no additional cost to you) to the venue a day or two before the program.
The Gold presentation replaces the large-scale illusions with ones that are more easily portable, smaller ones that can be checked on an airplane as baggage.

The Silver presentation fits in the overhead bin of an airplane and employs more “mentalist” type routines, such as apparent mind reading, etc. All are hilarious and astounding, and all are just as life-changing.
The Silver program is designed for the group with a limited budget or small audience. The Platinum is the blockbuster program when the situation calls for big-budget entertainment and message. Most audiences choose the Gold program, which meets both criteria for only slightly more than the Silver price.

Billy normally uses his own van if the engagement is within a few hours of Austin, Texas. The equipment is shipped air cargo (at no additional expense to you) to programs in other parts of the country.

All of Billy’s illusions are created by 100% trickery, a point he makes clear in every one of his performances. The damaging psychological illusions carried about in one’s mind, however, are very real indeed. Understanding this fact is often the first step in being set free to go to the next level of success and happiness!

The ideal length for most of the keynote presentations is 60 to 90 minutes. However, some can be done in as little as 30 to 45 minutes, or as long as two hours. Half-day and full-day programs on leadership, teambuilding and customer service are also available.

You’ve found the man! Billy has worked with countless clients using that exact scenario. Why spend additional dollars bringing in an entertainer and a speaker when Billy Riggs can do both! Use Billy for your opening general session in the morning, have him do a breakout in the afternoon, and use him for an emcee at your banquet that night. The total cost for multiple sessions will be far less that hiring different people for each task!

Most clients are shocked when they receive Billy’s expense invoice… at how low it is! Hiring Billy is your guarantee that your travel dollars will be wisely spent. He always travels coach, and goes to great lengths to find the lowest possible airfare (for a reasonable itinerary) for his clients. Similarly, he is very frugal with meals, rental cars, and other expenses, too. His audio visual needs are very basic and you’ve likely already requested them for other sessions at the same conference. Staging is flexible.

Billy uses and in-depth questionnaire to obtain pertinent information about your industry and audience. Then, he conducts a telephone appointment with whomever you designate to wrap up the final details. Many of our client audiences thought Billy was a part of the organization! In addition, Billy will, if you request, customize an illusion just for your meeting, building the trick around your company, organization, or profession. Often, the audience is surprised at the end to find that the points Billy made in his presentation actually spell out the name of your group. Yes! It’s that customized.

Yes! Several audience members participate in each performance, and all without embarrassment! In the platinum presentation, a member of the audience will be cut in pieces (and restored!) and another will float in the air.

Close-up magic is the art of performing small illusions with coins, cards, balls, etc. while a few people stand or sit near the magician to watch. Some clients ask Billy to perform “roving” close-up magic at a reception the night before his main presentation to increase interest and attendance at his general session.

Billy developed a special Client’s Bill of Rights just for you! We’ve anticipated your concerns and taken great steps to put your mind at ease. Relax! You’re dealing with a true professional! Your Bill of Rights follows below….

Client’s Bill of Rights


  1. You have a right to expect me, Billy Riggs, to be a good steward of your expense money. I will fly coach and seek the lowest reasonable air fare. Meals will be reasonably priced, tips will be average, rental cars will be market rate or lower.

  3. You have a right to expect me (whenever possible) to book my flight itinerary allowing sufficient opportunity to arrive on time for the engagement even if my original scheduled flight were to cancel.

  5. You have a right to expect me to customize my presentation to meet your company’s specific needs, properly using your company’s terminology, goals, and job titles.

  7. You have a right to expect me to know the theme of your conference or function and to incorporate it into my presentation.

  9. You have a right to expect me to be ready to begin my presentation on time, and to end on time.

  11. You have a right to expect me to be flexible, adjusting the length of the presentation, or its focus, or the start time to meet your needs.

  13. You have a right to expect the highest integrity in all of my dealings with you and your people.

  15. You have a right to expect me to make a presentation that is “squeaky” clean and suitable for all audiences. Likewise, I will conduct myself with decorum, and not use profanity or off-color remarks whether on or off the platform.

  17. You have a right to expect me to be available to you as often as needed before the presentation to talk with you by phone about the specific needs of your group.

  19. You have a right to expect me to avoid making my presentation a thinly disguised attempt to market products. No more than 60 seconds will be used for this purpose, and none at all should you request it.

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