Dark Magic: How Students Must Prepare for the AI Revolution (For Students)

DARK MAGIC: How Students Must Prepare for the AI Revolution (For Students)


A new world is coming, and it will be here before high school seniors turn 35. Half of the world’s jobs will soon be occupied by robots, and mass unemployment is poised to engulf the unprepared. This eye-opening program features a riveting explanation of how students can counteract the cataclysm and demonstrates that they need not suffer among its casualties. Mixed with humor and magic, the presentation will capture students’ attention instantly and move them to study harder than ever before to avoid becoming obsolete in the new job market. This is a message that every student should hear before the 9th grade, and MUST internalize in the high school years. It will send students running back to the classroom with new purpose and seriousness.

Students will:

  • Realize how important their grades and test scores really are,
  • Leave the assembly planning to definitely go to college,
  • Learn which jobs will vanish in the coming 2 decades,
  • Learn which professions are most likely to avoid automation

    You’ll be able to hear a pin drop!

    (This is a new program and video is not yet available)

Beyond Belief (For Students)


A funny, magical and life-changing program for students (ages middle school through high school). Teenagers are disarmed with comedy and illusion while moving “Beyond Belief” to heart knowledge and application of life’s most important attitudes. Includes an anti-suicide message, as well. Perfect to compliment SEL (Social and Emotional Learning) curricula as the students learn:

  • self-awareness – recognizing emotions and building self-confidence
  • self-management – discipline and the delay of gratification
  • social awareness – kindness and empathy
  • responsible decision-making – priorities and integrity

They’ll talk about it all year long!
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A short video excerpt from one point of this message: