To Train or Thank your invaluable volunteers!

The Magic of Influence (For Unsung Heroes)

(45 to 180 minutes)

The Magic of Influence

Influence is magical. Its mystical power invisibly transfers hope, encouragement & healing from giver to recipient. Parents and grandparents who stuff envelopes, organize PTA meetings, and raise funds are making a profound difference in the futures of students, and they need to be reminded of why they serve. Their almost invisible influende is a form of leadership that requires no title, authority or position, but wields a power more far-reaching. Designed for those who toil – sometimes thanklessly – to make a difference in students’ lives, this program reinvigorates the soul and reignites a passion to make a difference. Tears of laughter overlap tears of recognition throughout this touching blend of hilarity, magic and message.

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No video of this program exists yet. But soon!