(unlimited consultation and guidance for a six months for $250)

Learn directly from Billy Riggs how he has riveted audiences from the platform for more than 40 years.

Don’t waste your money on speaker coaches who will program you with robotic gestures to “enhance” a stilted message that sounds rehearsed (and charge you thousands of dollars for it!). And don’t waste your valuable time on new-age gobbledygook or embarrassing group exercises. Billy Riggs will help you become authentically you in such a way that your speech connects, resonates and persuades. When you address a group feeling comfortable in your own shoes, sharing your true passion you naturally become an effective communicator. All that is necessary is to chip away the self-consciousness, anxiety and awkward habits that create barriers between you and your audience.

Billy will tutor executives, salespeople and trainers to deliver presentations that are genuine and impactful. You may know what message you want to convey, but don’t know how to organize, craft and deliver it.

Break up the 3 hours in any increments you find helpful. Billy will also spend time before or after online coaching sessions rewriting or organizing your existing presentation, recommending stories, stats and illustrations that you can use.

Billy can also come to you and train a group of your executives or salespeople to deliver relevant and persuasive speeches or pitches.

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