The Magic Of Education (Motivational Audio CD)




Teachers, Superintendents, Principals… listen up! – All of us remember those rare and gifted teachers who piqued our curiosity and opened our young minds to the wonders of life. Day after day they aroused and satisfied our thirst for knowledge. Likewise, we recall with dread those few who droned incessantly on, devoid of passion and enthusiasm. The factor that causes some educators to stand out above all others is, at its core, their belief system. Remarkably effective educators hold in common a set of assumptions, ones that can be internalized by all teachers to greatly enhance their effectiveness in the classroom. In this message, Billy Riggs demolishes the debilitating educational myths that render teachers ineffective, and explores the five cardinal realities of education.



Motivating Workers Can Be a Real Trick

The Secrets of Human Motivation: Getting employees to do what you want them to do can be a real trick, but managers have developed four distinct approaches to the subject: Sticks, Carrots, Intrinsic, and Humanitarian. Everyone who has ever worked for an angry boss can understand why I call them “Stick Men” (or women). STICK […]

Video of Billy Performing the World’s Second-Best Card Trick!

He did this for 1500 people in Houston in August of 2023. He’ll be happy to do the absolute world’s best card trick for you in person, but it’s too small to do for more than 20 people. The magic and comedy in Billy Riggs’ programs is just a vehicle to engage the audience and […]

Harry Harlow Monkey Puzzle
THE HIGH COST OF INCENTIVES: Why Paying People More Money Often Reduces Their Productivity

In a head-scratcher that has been documented in numerous studies, giving people monetary rewards routinely reduces performance. But why? How do you know when offering cash rewards will help or hurt? Consider five quick mysteries. MYSTERY NUMBER ONE: Go back in time with me to 1995. You are a fly on the wall in a […]

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