To All The Girls I Could Have Loved (Mp3 File)



Larry G. Jones sings both parts (Willie Nelson and Julio Iglesias) in this hilarious parody of “To All the Girls I’ve Loved Before.”

Click above to listen. Lyrics below. Email it to your Ex-wife to let her know EX-actly how you feel!

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To all the girls I could have loved, The ones I spent years dreamin’ of.

I’m sorry I got hitched, But I’ve left that frosty witch

For all the girls I could have loved.


To all the girls I could have held While all my needs went unfulfilled.

I’ve dumped my frigid wife, Divorced that block of ice,

For all the girls I could have loved.


A wedding should be a new dawning

But it’s the setting of the sun.

You lose the warmth of many women

To gain the bitter cold of one.


To all the girls I could have kissed, That marriage forced me to resist.

I’ve dropped that ball and chain, For Kim and Sue and Jane,

And all the girls I could have loved.


To all the girls who glanced my way, But saw my ring and turned away,

I almost slit my wrists, When I think of all I missed,

With all the girls I could have loved.


A wedding should be a beginnin’

But it’s the end of all the fun.

The man who once loved many women

Will soon be celibate with one.


To all the girls we could have loved, The ones we spent years dreaming of.

We’ve ditched our frigid wives. We dedicate our lives

To all the girls we could have loved.


(Repeat last verse)



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