What is the difference between Billy’s Platinum, Gold, and Silver programs?


All three programs offer the exact same choice of customized messages and flexibiilty in length of performance. The difference between the programs is in the scale of illusions used.

The Platinum presentation includes large-scale illusions for sawing people in half, floating people in the air, etc. These are shipped air freight (at no additional cost to you) to the venue a day or two before the program.
The Gold presentation replaces the large-scale illusions with ones that are more easily portable, smaller ones that can be checked on an airplane as baggage.

The Silver presentation fits in the overhead bin of an airplane and employs more “mentalist” type routines, such as apparent mind reading, etc. All are hilarious and astounding, and all are just as life-changing.
The Silver program is designed for the group with a limited budget or small audience. The Platinum is the blockbuster program when the situation calls for big-budget entertainment and message. Most audiences choose the Gold program, which meets both criteria for only slightly more than the Silver price.


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