ServEssentials (PDF EBook)

ServEssentials for pdf version


(29 pages) Written by Bruce Loeffler and Billy Riggs, ServEssentials is a simple, easy-to-read employee manual on service excellence. It is a comprehensive look at how employees can deliver excellent service and help create a positive customer experience. We’ve taken many of the best ideas we learned from Disney and other companies and included them in this practical book for employees and leaders. It can be customized to meet the needs of your business. Our goal is to help employees deliver exceptional service on a consistent basis, not just for the customer, but for each of their co-workers as well.
How to get the most from ServEssentials. There are 12 Keys, each with multiple applications to help employees improve their service, attitudes, personal excellence and create satisfied customers. If you will focus on One or Two Applications from One Key each week for three months, you will begin to see tremendous growth and improvement in yourself as well as your department.

DUPLICATION PROHIBITED. If you want to give one to every employee ( a great idea, by the way!), contact us for a bulk discount or the rights to print and/or email many copies.

NOTE: This is a booklet and is only 29 pages long.



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