FLASH DRIVE With 8 Audio Messages, 1 Movie, 1 Audio Book And 2 (Pdf) Books!



Almost everything Billy has produced (even sold out items!) on one 8 GB flash drive! EIGHT of his most popular messages, plus his motivational book, Megatudes as an audio book, his PBS Magic and Motivation special to watch on your computer (or cast to your TV), “The Power of a PMA! (Positively Magical Attitude)” , plus two MORE books as .pdfs:
Replace Your Grand Illusions with Grander Realities and his booklet ServEssentials all on one handy thumb drive. Just plug it into the USB port of your car or computer and it plays!

The 8 audio messages and audio book are ready for download to your iPod or .mp3 player and the two books (.pdf format) may be read on your computer or iPad.
An important note: Items marked SOLD OUT elsewhere in this online store are still available for listening or reading on this re-useable 8GB Flash Drive!

Audio contents:

The Magic of Attitude

How to Drive Yourself… without Driving Yourself Crazy!

How to Start an Epidemic… without Becoming a Plague!

Why You Do What You Do… and How to Stop Doing it!

How to Permanently Improve Your Life

Grand Illusions, Grander Realities (Audio)

How to Provide Magical Customer Service

The Magic of Sales

Megatudes! (All 13 Chapters)

The Power of a PMA! (Movie)

Also contains TWO books (as .pdf files): ServEssentials (on how to provide great customer service) and Billy’s motivation book, Replace Your Grand Illusions with Grander Realities!



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